Starita’s client and collaboration list spans all genres and styles from major to independent, pop to folk. With the flexibility to work between so many genres and studios, Starita has had the honor of working with some of music’s most respected artists.

T=Tracking,  M=Mixing , P=Producer, PL=Perform, R=Remix, I=ISDN Engineer

David Harness (T, M, R)
Ernest Boom Carter (Bruce Springsteen) (T, M, P, PL, R)
The Afrofunk Experience (T)
DeLon (T, M)
Uncle Doughboy (T, M)
Valerie Orth (T, M)
Jaden Carlson (T, M, P,)
Pete Avila (T, M, P, R)
Bang Data (T, M, P)
Monte Casino (T, M, P)
Pirate Radio (T, P)
Rob Drabkin (T, M)
Phil Collins (I)
Talk Tonight (T, M, P)
Chris James and The Romeos (T, M, P, PL)
Hydrophonic (T, M, P)
Joshua James (T, M)
Tennille Amor (T, M, P, PL, R)
Brice Frillici (M)
Sueco (T, M, P, PL, R)
Small Change Romeos (T, M, P)
The Attack Plan (T, M, P)
The Shillz (T)
Pablo Conte (M)